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Neizbezhnost - "Would It Be Reasonable..." MP3 Digital Download (full album) (Black Metal)

Image of Neizbezhnost - "Would It Be Reasonable..."  MP3 Digital Download (full album) (Black Metal)

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(c) 2011 Metal For A Dark World

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Debut full-length album from the Ukrainian black metal band Neizbehnost. Contains 10 songs of blistering black metal fury that transports the listener back to the dark days of early 1990's harsh melodic black metal that is haunting in breath yet chilling in scope!

This is the digital download, high quality MP3 version of the album, no booklet, no cd. One you have made the purchase, you will be emailed a link to download the album within 24-48 hours of placement of order. There are no shipping charges for this product.

Sorry, for this item, due to the fact that it's electronic and MP3 files, we cannot accept returns or give refunds for this product. However, if you are having issues with downloading the file or unzipping/extracting the zipped file, we can and will assist you with that.

For fans of early Burzum, Darkthrone, Gothmog, Usynlig Tulmult, Drautran, and Evroklidon.

Track List:
1. Would It Be Reasonable...
2. Stop Playing With Devilry!
3. Help Me!!!
4. Alcoholic
5. Tranquility
6. Alive Corpse
7. Requital Time Shall Come
8. Evil Inside
9. Demon of Television
10. Do Good!

10 High Quality MP3 files, zipped. Note: you will need a program installed on your computer to able to extract the files, such as WinRar or Winzip.
Genre: Black metal!